Mimer SQL Data Provider
32-bit and 64-bit address space

The Mimer SQL Data Provider can run using both a 32-bit and a 64-bit address space. When an application is started the .NET runtime decides if the application should be executed using a 64-bit address space or a 32-bit address space. When the Mimer SQL Data Provider is subsequently loaded the data provider executes in the same address space.

The code in the Mimer SQL Data Provider is independent of whether a 32-bit or 64-bit address space is used with one exception. When using a native communication protocol, such as local, namedpipes, or rapi in the MimerConnection.ConnectionString the system will load a native dynamic link library that performs the actual communication with the database server. The dynamic link library must use the same 32- or 64-bit addressing as the calling .NET application. Therefore the Mimer SQL Data Provider loads a dynamic link library called mimcomm64.dll when running in 64-bit mode and mimcomm.dll in 32-bit mode.

As long as both of these dynamic link libraries are present, the system can therefore load a compatible version of the library.

mimcomm.dll is installed as part of the Mimer SQL installation and not with the Mimer SQL Data Provider installation. The 64-bit installations of Mimer SQL starting with version 10.0.6 contains both dynamic link libraries.

Please note that If a 32-bit Mimer SQL installation is used (without mimcomm64.dll) it is only possible to use protocol tcp when connecting to the database server. A resulting DllNotFoundException will occur if another protocol is referenced in the connection string.

It is strongly recommended that 64-bit Mimer SQL is used on 64-bit platforms when ADO.NET is used, to avoid any issues between 32-bit and 64-bit execution.