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In version 10.1 of Mimer SQL user defined data types are introduced in the database. There are some special considerations when working with these and the integration with the .NET Framework. The following sections shows how an application can work with these.

In SQL there exists two types of user defined types: distinct and structured.

create type streetno as integer;
create type address as (street varchar(30), streetnumber streetno);

The streetno type is a distinct type. It is a direct mapping of a builtin data type (in this case integer). address is a structured type consisting of two fields: street and streetnumber. Street is of the builtin type varchar and streetnumber is of the user defined type streetno.

When working with distinct types in ADO.NET these work as the corresponding base type. The only place where the distinct type name is used is in the meta data retrieved with the GetSchemaTable method.

Structured types, however, must be handled explicitly by the application. To support this a new class MimerUserDefinedType has been added. The following sections shows how to use this new class. 

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