Using x86 Cross-Compiling Tools with Mimer

VMS Software Inc. (VSI) has released the product X86_TOOLS for Itanium. This product makes it possible to compile and build software for x86_64 using cross-compilers.

When using X86_TOOLS to link a Mimer application, you will need Mimer libraries compiled for x86_64 on Itanium. This is provided in the product MIMERX86LIB.

Installing MIMERX86LIB on Itanium

Download the installation file MIMERX86LIB-I64.ZIPEXE from the Mimer download site

The downloaded file is a self-extracting ZIP file. Just execute the file to extract the .PCSI files:


UnZipSFX 6.00 of 20 April 2009, by Info-ZIP (


 inflating: mimer-i64vms-mimerx86lib-u1100-8a-1.pcsi$compressed_VNC


Then do PRODUCT INSTALL to install the product:



Performing product kit validation of signed kits ...


IB-U1100-8A-1.PCSI$COMPRESSED;1 succeeded


The following product has been selected:

   MIMER I64VMS MIMERX86LIB U11.0-8A      Layered Product


Do you want to continue? [YES]


Configuration phase starting ...


You will be asked to choose options, if any, for each selected product and for

any products that may be installed to satisfy software dependency requirements.


Configuring MIMER I64VMS MIMERX86LIB U11.0-8A: Mimer SQL x86 Cross libraries for IA64


   Copyright © 2023 Mimer Information Technology AB. All rights reserved.


   Produced by Mimer Information Technology AB


   This product requires no license keys


* This product does not have any configuration options.


Execution phase starting ...


The following product will be installed to destination:



Portion done: 0%...20%...60%...90%...100%


The following product has been installed:

   MIMER I64VMS MIMERX86LIB U11.0-8A      Layered Product


MIMER I64VMS MIMERX86LIB U11.0-8A: Mimer SQL x86 Cross libraries for IA64


   Insert the following lines in SYS$MANAGER:SYSTARTUP_VMS.COM:



You should insert the command in the SYSTARTUP_VMS file as instructed. The command will define the system logical name MIMER$X86LIB to point to the directory where the Mimer libraries for x86_64 can be found.

Distributed files

The following files can be found under MIMER$X86LIB:

File Name



Library for the MIMER C API


Options file used when linking applications using the MIMER C API


Library for ODBC


Options file used when linking ODBC applications


Library for applications preprocessed by ESQL


Options file used when linking applications preprocessed by ESQL


Version number for the libraries in the directory.

Using the cross-compiler tools with Mimer

When linking a native Mimer application, you link with an option file found under MIMER$LIB. When using a cross-compiler, use the same commands, but link with an option file found under MIMER$X86LIB instead.

An example:

$ @SYS$MANAGER:X86_XTOOLS$SYLOGIN.COM     ! Setup cross-compiler tools

$ @SYS$MANAGER:MIMER$SETUP_1108A          ! Use Mimer 1108A

$ CREATE/DIR [.TEST]                      ! Create a test directory


$ COPY MIMER$EXAMPLES:SIMPLE.EC []        ! Copy example program

$ ESQL/NOLOGO/C SIMPLE                    ! Preprocess it with ESQL

$ CC SIMPLE                               ! Compile it using cross-compiler

$ LINK SIMPLE,MIMER$X86LIB:MIMER$SQL/OPT   ! Link it with Mimer x86_64 library


Now the image SIMPLE.EXE can be executed on a machine that runs VMS on x86_64 and has Mimer SQL version 11.0.8A installed.