Mimer SQL on Windows
SDBGEN - Command Line options

The system databank wizard may be customized by calling it with parameters from the command line:

SDBGEN -pSYSADM-PASSWORD Database Sysdb-Size Transdb-FileName Transdb-Size Logdb-Filename Logdb-Size Sqldb-Filename Sqldb-Size

Any parameter where you want to use the default value can be specified as two double quotes (""). All parameters except database-name are optional.

Whenever the -p option is used the program is run in silent mode. In this mode no dialogs are displayed and any missing directories are created automatically. If an error occurs such as disk space exhausted, a dialog is displayed where filenames and/or sizes may be changed. However, the fields for SYSADM password are disabled.

If option -p is not given the values specified will be used as default values in the system databank generation dialog.

Examples of valid command lines assuming a database with the name DB6 exists:

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In case 1) the ordinary System databank generation is run for database DB6.

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In case 2) the program is run in silent mode using the defaults for filenames and sizes as decided by the SDBGEN-program. The password SYSpsw is given to SYSADM.

Specific filenames
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SDBGEN -pSYSpsw DB6 "" "d:\my directory\TRANS.DBF" 200 e:\logdir\logdb.dbf

Finally, in case 3) the default size for SYSDB ("") is used, but the filename for TRANSDB is set to d:\my directory\TRANS.DBF and the size to 200 4K pages. The filename for LOGDB is set to e:\logdir\logdb.dbf. Please note the use of quotes when blanks are included in the file name (for file TRANS.DBF).