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Starting and Stopping Database Servers

There are several ways to start and stop database servers:

  1. The Mimer Controller.
  2. The Mimer Administrator.
  3. The command line MIMCONTROL utility.
  4. The operating system Services dialog in the Control Panel.
  5. The operating system command line utilities: NET START and NET STOP.

Using the Mimer Controller utility is generally recommended rather than using operating system tools directly. This allows you to start and stop Mimer SQL databases on any network node. The Mimer administrator allows you to stop and start database on the local machine only. This is done by selecting the tab for Local databases and right clicking on the database. The popup menu, which appears, allows you to perform various actions such as starting and stopping the server.

To start and stop the database server from the command line either MIMCONTROL or the NET START and NET STOP commands are used. MIMCONTROL is available on all Mimer SQL platforms. To learn more about MIMCONTROL use the command MIMCONTROL -?

Whenever the local parameter settings for a database are changed, the database must be stopped and started again before the new settings take effect.