Getting Started


Welcome to Mimer SQL. This document describes how to install and set-up Mimer SQL on macOS. To get the most out of this document, you should be familiar with your macOS environment and know how to use the various macOS system tools, especially using the Terminal command line tool.

Mimer SQL provides small footprint, scalable and robust relational database solutions that conform to international ISO SQL standards. It is very well suited for high performance mission critical systems as well as for mobile and embedded appliances. In addition, Mimer SQL is equipped with an extensive multilingual support using collations.

Licensing Mimer SQL

When you install Mimer SQL, a default development edition license key is installed. This license covers basic usage for development purposes and enables 10 concurrent users.

If you want to use Mimer SQL for any purpose other than development, you must purchase a commercial license. Contact your Mimer SQL distributor,, to purchase the license you require. Your new license key will be sent to you via e-mail. You apply the new license key by using the mimlicense tool in the installation.


The Mimer SQL Documentation Set, Mimer JDBC Driver Guide, Mimer SQL Release Notes, and Mimer SQL Getting Started on macOS are available in the installation.

The Mimer SQL documentation set includes the following:

SQL Reference Manual

Programmer's Manual

System Management Handbook

User's Manual

The documentation mentioned, except for the Release Notes, are also available on the Documentation page of the Mimer SQL Developer site,

Command line help and man pages

For each command provided within the Mimer SQL installation, the options "-?" or --help can be used to retrieve a basic help text.

In addition, man pages are included in your Mimer SQL distribution. There are man pages for all commands available and for various configuration files, such as sqlhosts and multidefs. For general information about Mimer SQL, read the mimersql man page. Man pages are usually installed automatically at /usr/local/share/man when installing Mimer SQL.

Refer to the information provided by your operating system manufacturer concerning the macOS man and manpath commands.

Useful links

The Mimer SQL Developer Site contains lots of useful information, like FAQ's, Howto's and articles:

All manuals for Mimer SQL are gathered at

For general information on Mimer SQL, please see