Deprecated Features

Some non-standard features in earlier versions of Mimer SQL are deprecated, but retained for backward compatibility.

Where these features have equivalents in the standard implementation, only the standard form is documented in the main body of this manual.

Use of the standard forms is strongly recommended.


The SQLCA communication area is no longer supported.

Applications should now use the SQLSTATE or SQLCODE variables and the GET DIAGNOSTICS statement to get all the information previously obtained from SQLCA.

See Communicating with the Application Program for a description of SQLSTATE and GET DIAGNOSTICS.


The SQLDA area, which was used in earlier versions of Mimer SQL, has now been replaced by a standardized SQL descriptor area. The SQLDA area was allocated and maintained by constructions in the host language. The SQL descriptor area is allocated and maintained by standardized ESQL statements.

Applications using SQLDA have to be modified to use SQL Descriptors instead.

VARCHAR(size) C language struct

In earlier versions of Mimer SQL a VARCHAR structure was documented, which was used in the C language for handling variable-length character strings.

This VARCHAR structure was defined as:

#define VARCHAR(x)

       struct {

           short  len;

           char   text[x];



where the character string is stored in text, and the length of the text is stored in len.


Following the introduction of the SET TRANSACTION READ and SET TRANSACTION ISOLATION LEVEL options, the SET TRANSACTION CHANGES options no longer apply.

The following options are supported for backward compatibility in version 11.0.x only:




The DBERM4 routine, which could be used to retrieve the internal Mimer SQL return code and error message text for an exception, is now deprecated.

The GET DIAGNOSTICS statement should now be used to retrieve these exception information items, see Run-time Errors.