Mimer SQL and the JDBC API

JDBC is the de-facto standard for accessing relational database systems from the Java programming language. It defines a framework that provides a uniform interface to a number of different database connectivity modules.

Mimer SQL supports JDBC as one of its native application programming interfaces (API).

The Mimer JDBC Driver is a Type 4 - Native Protocol All-Java Driver, also known as a Java thin driver. The Type 4 architecture uses a message protocol that is specific to Mimer SQL; as this means that there is no need for any intervening processes or translation, this architecture is extremely efficient.

This chapter is not intended to be a complete guide to the functionality provided by JDBC. It is written to introduce you to accessing Mimer SQL through JDBC.

The Mimer JDBC Driver

The Mimer JDBC Driver is required in order to access a Mimer SQL database over TCP/IP from a Java application.

You can use the Mimer JDBC driver on any client computer that has the Java runtime environment is installed.

The driver is extremely small in size, so that it can be simply incorporated into an applet that can be downloaded over the Internet.

The Mimer JDBC driver is distributed with the Mimer SQL software. You can also download it from: https://developer.mimer.com/downloads. No other Mimer SQL software is required to be installed on the Java client, eliminating any need for configuration management on the client side.

To install Java, download the Java SDK. You can find the latest version here: https://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/index.html

All further information about the Mimer JDBC drivers, including programming aspects, are found in the Mimer JDBC Driver Guide.