Array Operations

The Mimer API supports the use of array fetch operations. Array fetching means that multiple rows are fetched from the server in one request. This will improve performance at the expense of memory consumption. MimerSetArraySize may be used to control the minimum number of rows to be fetched in each request. MimerRowSize may be used to determine the maximum number of bytes each row consumes. By multiplying the array size with the maximum row size a maximum array fetch memory consumption value can be obtained.

MimerFetch will internally fetch as many rows as possible and refill the internal buffer when needed. MimerNext on the other hand will return rows until all the rows in the internal buffer have been returned, it will not call the server to fetch more rows. The purpose of MimerNext is to have a fetch routine that is guaranteed context switch free.

The Mimer API also supports supplying parameters in arrays. Parameter arrays are specified by call MimerAddBatch during the parameter buildup sequence. MimerAddBatch adds the current set of parameters to be executed on the next MimerExecute call making room for another set of parameters to be specified by subsequent calls to for example MimerSetString.