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Public Properties
Public PropertyOverridden. Gets or sets the SQL statement to execute in the database server.  
Public PropertyOverridden. Gets or sets the timeout value to wait for a command to complete. After the selected time an error is generated.  
Public PropertyOverridden. Specifies how a command string is interpreted.  
Public PropertyGets or sets the MimerConnection used by this instance of the MimerCommand.  
Public Property (Inherited from System.ComponentModel.Component)
Public PropertyOverridden. Gets or sets a value indicating whether the command object should be visible in a customized interface control.  
Public PropertyGets the current MimerParameterCollection. Each parameter is represented by one entry in the collection.  
Public Property (Inherited from System.Data.Common.DbCommand)
Public PropertyGets or sets the MimerTransaction within which the MimerCommand executes.  
Public PropertyOverridden. Gets or sets how command results are applied to the System.Data.DataRow when used by the System.Data.Common.DbDataAdapter.Update(System.Data.DataSet) method of the System.Data.IDbDataAdapter.  
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