Mimer SQL Data Provider
Mimer.Data.Client Namespace
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The Mimer SQL ADO.NET Provider namespace.
ClassThis class is used to execute an SQL statement for a specific connection.
ClassThis class automatically generates SQL commands used to reconcile changes made to a System.Data.DataSet or System.Data.DataTable with the associated database server.
ClassThis class is used to connect and disconnect from a database server.
ClassThis class is used to construct connection strings for the MimerConnection.ConnectionString property.
ClassRepresents a set of data commands that are used to fill a System.Data.DataSet or System.Data.DataTable and subsequently transfer changes from the System.Data.DataSet or System.Data.DataTable back to the database.
ClassThe MimerDataReader provides a way of reading a forward-only stream of data rows from the database server.
ClassProvides support for enumerating all known Mimer SQL databases on a machine.
ClassThis class holds information about an error returned by the database server.
ClassHolds a collection of MimerError objects.
ClassThe exception that is generated when an error is returned by the Mimer Data Provider.
ClassThis class is used to create Mimer specific ADO.NET classes in a provider independent manner.
ClassProvides data for the MimerConnection.InfoMessage event.
ClassThis class is used to retrieve SQL statistics from a server.
ClassAn instance of this class holds SQL statistics retrieved from the database server.
ClassRepresents a single parameter for the MimerCommand class and optionally, its mapping to a System.Data.DataColumn.
ClassRepresents a collection of parameters used by a MimerCommand.
ClassProvides data for the MimerDataAdapter.RowUpdated event.
ClassProvides data for the MimerDataAdapter.RowUpdating event.
ClassThis class represents a transaction active on the current connection.
ClassClass is used to represent an instance of a structured user defined type value. It handles each component (called attribute in SQL) of the user defined type.
DelegateThe method that will handle the MimerConnection.InfoMessage event of a MimerConnection.
DelegateThe method that will handle the MimerDataAdapter.RowUpdated event of a MimerDataAdapter.
DelegateThe method that will handle the MimerDataAdapter.RowUpdating event of a MimerDataAdapter.
EnumerationThe MimerDbType enumeration is used to specify the SQL data type of a field, a property, or a Parameter object in the Mimer Data Provider.
EnumerationThis enumeration lists all Mimer SQL performance monitor counters.
EnumerationThis enumeration lists all possible types of Mimer SQL database servers.
These classes are used to access Mimer SQL Database servers from the .NET environment.
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