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MimerCommandBuilder Class

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This class automatically generates SQL commands used to reconcile changes made to a System.Data.DataSet or System.Data.DataTable with the associated database server.
Object Model
MimerCommandBuilder Class
Public NotInheritable Class MimerCommandBuilder 
   Inherits System.Data.Common.DbCommandBuilder
public sealed class MimerCommandBuilder : System.Data.Common.DbCommandBuilder 
public class MimerCommandBuilder = class(System.Data.Common.DbCommandBuilder)sealed; 
public sealed class MimerCommandBuilder extends System.Data.Common.DbCommandBuilder
public __gc __sealed class MimerCommandBuilder : public System.Data.Common.DbCommandBuilder 
The MimerDataAdapter does not automatically generate the SQL statements required to reconcile changes made to a System.Data.DataSet. However, you can create a MimerCommandBuilder object that generates SQL statements for single-table updates by setting the MimerDataAdapter.SelectCommand property of the MimerDataAdapter. Then, the MimerCommandBuilder generates any additional SQL statements that you do not set.

The relationship between a MimerDataAdapter and its corresponding MimerCommandBuilder is always one-to-one. To create this correspondence, you set the DataAdapter property of the MimerCommandBuilder object. This causes the MimerCommandBuilder to register itself as a listener, which produces the output of MimerDataAdapter.RowUpdating events that affect the System.Data.DataSet.

To generate INSERT, UPDATE, or DELETE statements, the MimerCommandBuilder uses the MimerDataAdapter.SelectCommand property to retrieve a required set of metadata. If you change the value of MimerDataAdapter.SelectCommand after the metadata has been retrieved (for example, after the first update), you then should call the RefreshSchema method to update the metadata.

The MimerCommandBuilder also uses the Connection, MimerCommand.CommandTimeout, and MimerCommand.Transaction properties referenced by the MimerDataAdapter.SelectCommand. You should call RefreshSchema if any of these properties are modified, or if the value of the MimerDataAdapter.SelectCommand property itself is changed. Otherwise the MimerDataAdapter.InsertCommand, MimerDataAdapter.UpdateCommand, and MimerDataAdapter.DeleteCommand properties retain their previous values.

If you call MimerTransaction.Dispose, the MimerCommandBuilder is disassociated from the MimerDataAdapter, and the generated commands are no longer used.

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Version 2.0 or later

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