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MimerDataAdapter Class

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Represents a set of data commands that are used to fill a System.Data.DataSet or System.Data.DataTable and subsequently transfer changes from the System.Data.DataSet or System.Data.DataTable back to the database.
Object Model
MimerDataAdapter Class
Public NotInheritable Class MimerDataAdapter 
   Inherits System.Data.Common.DbDataAdapter
public sealed class MimerDataAdapter : System.Data.Common.DbDataAdapter 
public class MimerDataAdapter = class(System.Data.Common.DbDataAdapter)sealed; 
public sealed class MimerDataAdapter extends System.Data.Common.DbDataAdapter
public __gc __sealed class MimerDataAdapter : public System.Data.Common.DbDataAdapter 
The SelectCommand determines what rows are retrieved from the database when the System.Data.Common.DbDataAdapter.Fill(System.Data.DataSet) method is called.

When the System.Data.Common.DbDataAdapter.Update(System.Data.DataSet) method is subsequently called any changes made to the data are applied. Rows that have been added, use the InsertCommand, rows that have been changed are applied through the UpdateCommand and finally the rows that have been removed use the DeleteCommand. The Update method use the MimerParameter.SourceColumn and MimerParameter.SourceVersion properties to access the correct versions of the rows in the DataSet.

Error handling is specified through the System.Data.Common.DataAdapter.ContinueUpdateOnError property.

Control over individual changes is available by using the RowUpdating and RowUpdated events. The events are also useful for error processing.

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.NET Framework
Version 2.0 or later

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