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SourceVersion Property

Mimer.Data.Client Namespace > MimerParameter Class : SourceVersion Property
Gets or sets the System.Data.DataRowVersion to use when loading Value.
Public Overrides NotOverridable Property SourceVersion As DataRowVersion
public override DataRowVersion SourceVersion {get; set;}
public read-write property SourceVersion: DataRowVersion; override; 
public override function get,set SourceVersion : DataRowVersion
public: __property DataRowVersion get_SourceVersion() override;
public: __property void set_SourceVersion( 
   DataRowVersion value
) override;

Property Value

The data row version, one of the System.Data.DataRowVersion values. Default is Current.
The SourceVersion is used by UpdateCommand during a System.Data.Common.DbDataAdapter.Update(System.Data.DataSet) operation to determine whether the parameter value is set to Current or Original. This allows primary keys to be updated.

This property is set to the version of the System.Data.DataRow used by either the Item property, or the System.Data.DataRow.GetChildRows(System.Data.DataRelation) method.


.NET Framework
Version 2.0 or later

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