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The network protocol to use when communicating with the database server. Which protocols are supported are both platform and installation specific.

Protocol tcp, which gives both access to local and remote servers, is always supported. tcp may not be combined with the keyword Integrated security.

Protocol local is the most efficient protocol to use when communicating with a database server on the same machine or device. For the Crossfire environment this protocol is not yet supported. For the .NET Framework and Compact Framework a special library called mimcomm.dll must be accessible for the protocol to be used.

Protocol NamedPipes is currently only supported in the .NET environment. It allows secure network access and also allows IntegratedSecurity to be used over the network.

Public Property Protocol As String
public string Protocol {get; set;}
public read-write property Protocol: String; 
public function get,set Protocol : String
public: __property string* get_Protocol();
public: __property void set_Protocol( 
   string* value

.NET Framework
Version 2.0 or later

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