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Converting an application to Mimer SQL Data Provider
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To convert an existing ADO.NET application to use the Mimer SQL Data Provider, in general, you need to take the following steps:

  1. For each provider a unique prefix is used for all variable declarations. You need to know what prefix is used by your current provider. Look for objects such as xxxConnection, xxxDataAdapter, and xxxCommand where xxx is the prefix used by your provider. In addition you need to know the full name of these objects, such as Vendor.Data.Client.xxxConnection or System.Data.xxxClient.
  2. Replace all references of Vendor.Data.Client with Mimer.Data.Client. This includes both using clauses and references that use full names.

  3. Then you should turn your attention to the ADO.NET names of data types used by the provider. These are called xxxDbType or xxxType. You must convert the data types to the names used by the Mimer SQL Data Provider. These are documented in the MimerDbType enumeration.

  4. Then you should replace all object references with prefix xxx to prefix Mimer, which is used by the Mimer SQL Data Provider.

    For example, change xxxCommand to MimerCommand and so on.

  5. Recompile your application. When you recompile the application you may discover that there are provider specific functions that are used by the application. You must consider how to handle these.
  6. In the ConnectionString property of the MimerConnection object choose the database to work with.

  7. Test your application thoroughly.

Guidelines for individual providers are given in the following sections.

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