Mimer SQL on Windows
TCP/IP Communication

The TCP/IP protocol is the machine independent protocol used to communicate with Mimer SQL Database Servers. It is used to access Mimer SQL from Windows, Unix, MAC, and VMS machines.

The TCP/IP protocol uses IP addresses to find the correct machine. To find the database server within the machine a port number is used. Mimer SQL has been allotted the port number 1360. If you have more than one database server on a machine they can both share the port number 1360. This is done by starting a Mimer TCP service which listens for new connections on port 1360. The Mimer TCP service will then pass the connection to the correct database server. This is the default setting.

If there is only one database server on a machine the server can listen on port 1360. By doing so, the connection to the database server is made slightly faster. I.e. the logon time may decrease somewhat.

In the Mimer Administrator you can choose <Disabled>, <Name Server>, or 1360. Actually, you can use any port number, but then you need to inform all clients of this as they will, as a default, connect to port 1360.

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