Mimer SQL on Windows
Named Pipe Communication

This protocol is used to communicate between different Windows machines. The protocol requires you to have access to the server you want to access. This protocol therefore gives you higher security than TCP/IP. It is also possible to use the OS-login feature in Mimer SQL over a network with this protocol (see CREATE IDENT AS OS_USER in the Mimer SQL reference manual).

Each database server typically waits for connections on a named pipe with the same name as the database. Because of this the need for a central service is not as evident as for TCP/IP. However, previous versions of Mimer SQL always connected to the named pipe called MIMER. Therefore, to ease migration it is possible to let the Mimer Named Pipe service wait for connections to MIMER and then pass them on to the correct database server.

In the Mimer Administrator you can choose between <Disabled>, <Database Name>, or <Name Server>. Actually, you can enter any name, but in this case all clients must be aware of this fact. Also note, if you choose <Database Name> that you must enter the database name for the service argument for all older versions of Mimer SQL.

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