Mimer SQL on Windows
Maximum Number of Users

This defines the maximum number of users who can connect to a database concurrently. Note that your Mimer SQL license places a limit on the total number of database users permitted at your installation.

The number of users are allocated at run-time. If you have several database servers they may run out of users if the total number of users in all systems exceeds the number allowed by your Mimer SQL license.


The Mimer SQL license for an installation permits a total of 250 concurrent database users. Database 'A' is defined with maximum number of users set to 100, and Database 'B' is defined with maximum number of users also set to 200. The system will allow both servers to start, since none of them exceeds the limit 250. However, when 250 connections have been made in both servers together no more users are allowed until someone logs out.

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