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Local Database General Parameters

The definition of a Local Mimer SQL Database involves the following parameters:

Some of the parameters are not shown when the dialog appears. Clicking on the "Server", "Memory" or "Communication"tab will show additional parameters.

When you are changing an existing local database definition, the current parameter settings are shown and may be altered. When you are creating a new local database definition, suggested settings are supplied for all the parameters except Database Name and Description. The database description is an optional parameter, so it may be left blank.

When creating a new database definition, all the parameters for the "Server" and "Bufferpool" tabs will have suitable suggested values supplied, so changing these values is optional.

Select Apply or OK to set up the local database definition with the specified parameters, or Cancel to close the dialog without creating or changing anything.

All the required parameter settings should be specified before OK is selected.

All the required parameter settings must be specified before Apply can be selected.

Note that if you have adjusted the parameters for a database that is running, the new settings will not take effect until the database is stopped and restarted.

To begin using a database, it must have a local database definition, its databanks must have been successfully created during the definition process and it must have been started.

When a database is created, a Windows service is created for it and is called "MIMER-Database Name". It is this service that is started when the database is started.

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