Mimer SQL on Windows
Home Directory

This path defines the base directory for a database. The system databank SYSDB is created in this directory by a utility (SDBGEN), which is automatically invoked when a local database is created. At the same time, locations are specified for the other system databanks and these are created. Databank location information is stored in SYSDB. Diagnostics about database crashes and logging information may also be stored in, or below, the home directory.

You can either fill in a path for the home directory, or use the browse button to specify it.

If you are creating or changing a local database definition, and specify a home directory that does not exist, you will be asked if it should be created. Select Yes to create it or No to specify an alternative.

If the specified directory does not contain the system databank SYSDB, you will be asked if it and the other system databanks are to be created. Select Yes to create them, otherwise select No.

If you specify a pathname for a databank that already exists, the system databank creation operation will fail and it will be necessary to manually clean up any databanks that were actually created. You can then set the Home Directory again to repeat the creation of system databanks.

The home directory is really the foundation of the database because all the database data is found by working from this directory. If you specify a new home directory for an existing database definition, a new set of system databanks will be created, effectively setting up a new database with no knowledge of the data it had earlier.

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