Mimer SQL on Windows
Request Threads

These are the database request threads that execute users' database requests. Increasing the number of them can improve database performance where database request demand is high. The number of concurrent threads may be limited by the bufferpool size because each thread requires approximately 5 pages of each size from the bufferpool.

Note that is necessary to stop and restart the database after changing this parameter, before the new value will take effect.

A user request typically employs a request thread for a fraction of a second, but a request may also span over several seconds or even minutes. Practical tests have shown that 6 to 8 request threads can support hundreds of users. The initial value suggested when a database definition is created is 8.

The actual number of request threads required depends on the level, and type, of demand for database access. You can use MIMINFO, and choose Performance in the view menu, to display the current number of request threads.

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