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Remote Mimer SQL Databases

A remote Mimer SQL database is one that resides on another node in the network, not on the machine you are using. Typically it will already be defined, as a 'local database', on the node it resides on.

In practice, you can create the local database definition before or after any corresponding remote database definitions. The purpose of a remote database definition is to set up, on a particular network node, a link with a database that resides elsewhere on the network. The definition for the remote database contains information on how to access the database.

You can manage remote Mimer SQL databases when these have been selected as the type of item to be listed by the Mimer Administrator. The list will display the remote Mimer SQL databases, which are accessible from the node you are using.

You can set up a new remote Mimer SQL database by selecting Add and specifying the parameter settings.

You can alter an existing remote Mimer SQL database definition by selecting it in the list before choosing Properties and specifying new parameter settings.

You can remove the definition of a remote Mimer SQL database by selecting it in the list before choosing Remove to dispose of it.

It is possible to encrypt the network communication between the client and the database server. This is, however, controlled by a local database parameter. See client/server encryption for more information.

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