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Mimer ODBC Data Source Parameters

To set up a user specific or system wide Mimer ODBC data source, a Name and a Description should be specified, and the Mimer SQL database it is to be associated with should be selected. You can select from a list of the local and remote Mimer SQL databases that have been defined using the Mimer Administrator.

When you are configuring the set-up for an existing Mimer ODBC data source, the current parameter settings are displayed and may be changed.

Select OK or Apply to set up the data source definition with the parameter settings you have specified, or Cancel to close the dialog without creating or changing anything.

A Mimer ODBC data source definition requires a name and a Mimer SQL database. It will not be possible to select OK until both these parameters have been specified. The Description is optional, so it may be left blank.

If you select <New Local Database> you can create a new Mimer SQL database definition. If you select <New Remote Definition> you can describe how to access a Mimer SQL database server on another machine. It is also possible to view and/or modify an existing database definition by selecting the database and then click with the right mouse button on the database. Then select Properties from the popup menu that appears.

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