Mimer SQL on Windows
Databank options

The databank option decides how transaction handling is used for all tables in the databank. There are three options:

LOG Option

LOG option is the most secure option. Transaction handling is used and all data changes are stored in the log databank (LOGDB). If a disk crash occurs the latest backup can be combined with the log to restore all changes for committed transactions. This option is used when an application is put into production.


TRANSACTION option uses transaction handling for all tables in the databank. The changes are not written to the log databank. This option is typically used during development, as LOGDB maintenance is not needed.

WORK Option

WORK option is used for worktables. The content of a TABLE in a WORK databank is not known after an uncontrolled database shutdown. The tables in a WORK databank are, however, always accessible, it is just not possible to know what rows will be present in a table. Operations are not included in transactions and the changes are made immediately to this type of databank.

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