Mimer SQL on Windows
Create Development Databank

Mimer SQL uses databanks to store data in the file system. A databank corresponds to a file in the operating system. When creating a table it is possible to specify in which databank the table should be placed.

To get a Mimer SQL system operational the application developer needs access to at least one databank, to store new tables. In a typical Mimer SQL installation the user SYSADM owns all databanks. SYSADM allows other users to store tables in a databank by granting TABLE privilege to the databank.

You need to specify a name for the databank. This name is used in the create databank command. To remove a databank the drop databank command is used.

If no directory is specified, the databank will be placed in the database home directory. Databanks in Mimer SQL have the default file extension .DBF.

Sizes are specified in 4K blocks (4096 bytes). The size is the initial size of the file. If more space is needed, Mimer SQL allocates it dynamically.

The option for the databank specifies the transaction handling for all tables in the databank. Databank option may be WORK, TRANSACTION, or LOG. The default is TRANSACTION option.

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