Retrieves the contents of a character large object. (wchar_t version.)

A character large object may be retrieved in one or more chunks.

If the character large object is to be retrieved in multiple chunks, chunks are retrieved in sequence, where the length of each chunk is specified by the length parameter of each call to this routine. Chunks may only be retrieved sequentially through the character large object.


int32_t MimerGetNclobData (

            MimerLob *clobhandle,

            wchar_t *data,

            size_t size)



A handle to a character large object returned by a call to MimerGetLob.



Where to place the entire or a part of the character large object.



The maximum number of bytes to retrieve, including terminating null. That is, if this parameter is n, the next n-1 characters are retrieved from the large object.


A negative value indicating error, or a non-negative value indicating the number of characters available to return. This includes the number of characters returned in this call (excluding terminating null) and all data that are left in the character object. When the returned value is less than the length input parameter, all data of the character object has been returned.

This value may be used to calculate how many characters (excluding terminating zero) that were returned using this formula:

returned_characters = min(length_input_parameter-1,return_value)


The following formula may be used to calculate the number of characters left to return:

left_to_return = return_value-length_input_parameter+1


Return value


> 0

The number of characters left to return.




The clobhandle parameter was not recognized as a handle.


If not enough memory could be allocated.

Other value < 0

Any of the server error codes listed in Return Codes.


This routine interacts with the database server.

Not Micro API compatible.

wchar_t version of the routine. See Character String Formats for more information about character formats and the different routine versions.