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Mimer.Data.Client Namespace : MimerMonitorInstance Class

The following tables list the members exposed by MimerMonitorInstance.

Public Properties
Public PropertyThe elapsed time, in seconds, used to execute this statement in the server.  
Public PropertyNumber of times the statement has been executed/opened.  
Public PropertyThe number of times an application has passed this statement to the server to compile it.  
Public PropertyNumber of times an application has communicated with the server for this SQL statement.  
Public PropertySQL statement string or empty string.  
Public PropertyUnique SQL identifier identifying this particular compilation of an SQL statement.  
Public PropertyNumber of table operations used by the current SQL statement.  
Public PropertyNumber of transaction oriented records written.  
Public Methods
Public MethodMake a clone (copy) of the current MimerMonitorInstance.  
Public MethodCompute the difference between the current MimerMonitorInstance and a previous one.  
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