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Visual Studio Toolbox
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The classes MimerCommand, MimerCommandBuilder, MimerConnection, and MimerDataAdapter can be used directly after the installation. They are available under the tab Data in the toolbox as shown below:

Visual Studio Toolbox

These items can be dropped onto Windows forms objects etc. A wizard will appear for the MimerCommand and the MimerDataAdapter when this is done. References to Mimer.Data.Client will be added automatically, if not present.

Note that you have to use toolbox items that are compatible with your project target framework version. If you have a .NET Framework target of 2, 3, or 3.5 you should use a MimerDataAdapter in an assembly that has a version number that ends with 2 (such as 10.1.12). If you are targeting .NET framework 4 or later use a version number that ends with the digit 4 (such as 10.1.14). By default the items in the toolbox are for .NET Version 4 and later.