Mimer SQL on Windows
DbAnalyzer Output

The DbAnalyzer displays information about accessible schemas. For each table the following information is analyzed:

Index type Description
Primary key The constraint name of the primary key and which columns are part of the primary key are shown. The primary key is the fastest access path for finding data in Mimer SQL. Columns in the primary key are always NOT NULL.
Foreign key When a foreign key is created an implicit index is automatically created. This allows for fast checking of the primary key/foreign key relationship. But it is also used for SQL query optimization.
Unique constraint A unique constraint also has an index that is used to verify the uniqueness. If a column in a unique constraint has NULL values the row is allowed. I.e. the values are not yet known and are therefore allowed.
Unique Index In a unique index, NULL values are treated as a value. For a single column index only one row may contain NULL. This differs from a unique constraint that allows any number of duplicate NULL values.
Index The index is used to speed up SQL queries. The analyzer checks that indexes do not overlap with constraints etc. If that is the case, recommendations are made to change the index.

It is possible to select Refresh from the view menu to clear the window and output a new set of statistics.

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