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DbAnalyzer Login Information

This DbAnalyzer can show information from both local and remote databases. The database server must be version 11.0 or later. The information shown is based on access rights of the logged in user. The login dialog have the following fields for connecting to the database server:

Field name Description
Database This is a drop-down box with the databases defined in the Mimer Administrator. They can be either local or remote.
Username User to login as. The user can be an ident of type USER or OS_USER.
Password The password used for the specified user name. Can be left out for OS_USER login.
Program name It is possible to have an ident of type PROGRAM that owns the tables. In this case the user specified must have EXECUTE privilege on the specified program. The SQL statement ENTER is used for logging in after connecting to the server.
This is an optional field.
Program Password The password used for the specified program. The field only needs to be specified if program has been specified.

The analyzer shows all tables the logged in user (or program) have SELECT access to. For the DbAnalyzer views, it is possible to restrict what is shown by specifying one or both of:

Field name Description
Schema Only display tables in this schema. Note that the logged in user must also have access to the tables for them to be shown.
Table Restrict the statistics to tables with a particular name. If used with schema, a single table can be selected.
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