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DbAnalyzer Utility

The DbAnalyzer Utility can be used to analyze indexes for a table in the database. The analyzer examines existing primary keys, foreign keys, unique constraints and indexes. It looks for unnecessary indexes and indexes that may not be efficient. It can also examine a running system and show which indexes and constraints that are actually being used by the SQL statements in the system.

The utility can show runtime statistics for SQL statements active in the Mimer SQL database server. This is done with the SQL Monitor options.

The output from DbAnalyzer is presented in a window, which provides Notepad-style functionality. You can select which statistics to display, by choosing the appropriate item from the view menu. It is also possible to select Refresh from the view menu to clear the window and output a new set of statistics.

To access the information about the indexes it is necessary to login in to the Mimer SQL server. The dialog makes it possible to select an individual schema and/or table to analyze:

Statistical information is generated by DbAnalyzer about the following: