Mimer SQL on Windows

This is the communications protocol to use when contacting the network node the remote database resides on. You can select one of the protocols provided. Typical protocols are:

  • NamedPipes
  • rapi
  • tcp

NamedPipes is used for Windows-> Windows connections. To use the named pipe protocol you must have the proper access rights in the network/domain you are using.

Rapi, short for Remote Access Programming Interface is used to control a handheld device from a desktop computer. To use rapi you must have your handheld device connected via Microsoft ActiveSync. When this protocol is used to access the handheld device it is possible to control the database server on the handheld device. Right-click on the name in the Mimer Administrator to see available options.

When defining a Remote database with the rapi protocol sequence for the first time a remote database may optionally be set up on the handheld device. Databases may subsequently be exported to the handheld device if Mimer SQL Mobile is installed.

Tcp is used for network access to Unix, VMS, or other Windows systems.

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