1. Introduction

MimerPy is an adapter for Mimer SQL in Python which implements the Python Database API specfication PEP 249.

The adapter allows the user to access the powerful tools and advantages of Mimer SQL through Python. MimerPy is implemented as a CPython wrapper of the Mimer SQL C API.

To use MimerPy, there is a minimum requirement of Python 3.5 or newer and it is dependent on the Mimer SQL C API.

The Mimer SQL C API is a discrete C API that comes with Mimer SQL. The Mimer SQL C API and the Mimer SQL database server have be of version 11 or newer.

MimerPy is under MIT license and is open source. For more information regarding this, see Legal Notice.

The current source code for MimerPy can be found on GitHub.

The following documentation covers the full interface of MimerPy, explaining how to install it stepwise and also how to use the product both correctly and efficiently through simple guides, query examples and easy to read code examples.

For questions regarding the Mimer SQL C API, please visit Mimer SQL C API.

If you are experiencing any difficulties with MimerPy, its installation, usage or documentation please create a new issue on GitHub. All feedback is appreciated to help us at Mimer Information Technology to improve our product.

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