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DeriveParameters Method

Mimer.Data.Client Namespace > MimerCommandBuilder Class : DeriveParameters Method
The MimerCommand to create parameters for.
Derive parameters for the current MimerCommand.
Public Shared Sub DeriveParameters( _
   ByVal command As MimerCommand _
public static void DeriveParameters( 
   MimerCommand command
public procedure DeriveParameters( 
    command: MimerCommand
); static; 
public static function DeriveParameters( 
   command : MimerCommand
public: static void DeriveParameters( 
   MimerCommand* command


The MimerCommand to create parameters for.
A database server error occurred while executing the statement.
For each parameter marker in the CommandText for the command a MimerParameter is added to the Parameters collection. The application needs to set the Value property before executing the MimerCommand as the default value is System.DBNull.

Note that DeriveParameters is supported for any SQL statements, such as SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, CALL, and SET. The parameters generated contain relevant information for properties such as MimerParameter.SourceColumn, MimerParameter.Direction, MimerDbType, MimerParameter.IsNullable, and so on.


.NET Framework
Version 2.0 or later

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