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The Mimer SQL Data Provider 11.0 is developed to provide support for the .NET Framework, .NET Core and .NET 5.

For the latest information about current package please refer to the Mimer SQL developer site.

The provider for the .NET Framework 2 and .NET Framework 4 must have different version numbers to be able to coexist in the assembly cache. Version numbers for the .NET Framework 4 provider therefore end with 4 in the last digit of the version number. Correspondingly the digit 2 is appended for .NET Framework 2 assemblies. In addition a new provider is available for .NET Framework 4.5.2 and later. This provider has a 5 last in its versions number.

New functions in Mimer SQL Data Provider (11.0.3D):

  1. MimerTrace can now be configured with a graphical user interface. Mimer SQL Data Provider Trace Control tool is available for Windows, Linux and macOS through the Windows installation package. For more information, see section Mimer SQL Data Trace Control tool.
  2. Support for .NET 7.0 has been added to the .NET 6.0 Provider. The same provider is used for both versions.

New functions in Mimer SQL Data Provider (11.0.3A):

  1. This release of the Mimer SQL Data Provider supports tracing of execution. This is described further in section Trace. There are also new options for the MimerConnection.ConnectionString called MimerConnectionStringBuilder.ApplicationName and MimerConnectionStringBuilder.AllowedTraceLevel.
  2. .NET Core 3.1, .NET 5 and .NET 6 now support login with integrated security. When connecting to a Windows server, a domain name has to be specified when the OS_USER is defined with the SQL statement ALTER IDENT ADD OS_USER.
  3. Support for .NET 6. The .NET 6.0 Provider is also included in the NuGet package.
  4. Support for using the .NET 6 data types DateOnly and TimeOnly for DATE, TIME and TIMESTAMP columns in MimerDataReader.GetDateOnly and MimerDataReader.GetTimeOnly.
  5. Support for integration with Visual Studio 2022.
  6. It is now possible to convert from a CHAR/VARCHAR/NCHAR/NVARCHAR value from the database to an integer through MimerDataReader.GetInt64.

New functions in Mimer SQL Data Provider (11.0.2A):

  1. This release of the Mimer SQL Data Provider supports .NET 5.0. The .NET 5.0 Provider is also included in the NUGET package.
  2. The Data Provider now supports encrypted communication with version 11.0 or later servers. This support is enabled by specifying in the server definition that communication should be encrypted. On Windows this is done in the Mimer Administrator and on other platforms the multidefs file controls this setting. Encrypted communication is not supported in the .NET Framework providers as the necessary encryption support routines are lacking in .NET Framework, so please use the .NET Core 3.1 or .NET 5 providers for encrypted communication.

New functions in Mimer SQL Data Provider (11.0.1B):

  1. It is now possible to convert from a BOOLEAN value from the database server to string through MimerDataReader.GetString.

New functions in Mimer SQL Data Provider (11.0.1A):

  1. Support for .NET Core 3.1.
  2. Run-time libraries for .NET Framework 4.5.2, 4.0, 2.0 and .NET Core 3.1 can be now installed as NuGet packages.
  3. A new graphical utility Mimer SQL Monitor is included. It can be used to interactively view the cost of SQL statements executed by the Mimer SQL database server. The server must be version 10.1.3 or later to be used with the utility.
  4. The statistics gathered by SQL Monitor can be picked up by an application using the MimerMonitor and MimerMonitorInstance classes.
  5. Support for Mimer SQL version 11 servers. This includes new internal data formats, more efficient routines for transferring of data between server and client, etc.
  6. Support for new column type BUILTIN.UUID. This is a globally unique identifier. Use method MimerDataReader.GetGuid to retrieve this new type. To insert values either the SQL function BUILTIN.UUID_NEW() can be used. To generate a UUID from code use the MimerDbType.Guid type with the static method System.Guid.NewGuid() in your MimerParameter object.
  7. Support for distributed XA transactions and automatic enlistment. This includes methods such as MimerConnection.EnlistDistributedTransaction and MimerConnection.EnlistTransaction. Please see MimerConnection.ConnectionString enlist attribute for more information about connection options that control enlistment.
  8. A new command line utility MimerDtcRecover.exe to resolve pending distributed transactions after a failure.
  9. Support for integration with Visual Studio 2017 and Visual Studio 2019.

New functions in Mimer SQL Data Provider (10.1.2A):

  1. Support for integration with Visual Studio 2012, 2013, and 2015.
  2. Visual Studio toolbox items are now added automatically for the MimerCommand, MimerCommandBuilder, MimerConnection, and MimerDataAdapter objects.
  3. If a MimerCommand or MimerDataAdapter is dragged onto a form from the Visual Studio toolbox, references to the Mimer.Data.Client assembly is automatically added to the project.

New functions in Mimer SQL Data Provider and (10.1.1B):

  1. When connecting via TCP/IP to a database the system first tries to connect using the numeric TCP/IP address. If a non-numeric address is provided a DNS lookup for the TCP/IP node name is done. By doing it in this order, the system can connect in environments where reverse name lookup in TCP/IP has been incorrectly configured.

New functions in Mimer SQL Data Provider and (10.1.0C):

  1. Support for Visual Studio 2012 integration including documentation.

New functions in Mimer SQL Data Provider and (10.1.0B):

  1. Support for Visual Studio Intellisense provided by including xml documentation files for the Mimer.Data.Client assemblies.

New functions in Mimer SQL Data Provider and (10.1.0A):

  1. Support for Mimer SQL version 10.1 servers. This includes support for both Mimer SQL Engine and Mimer SQL Experience servers. Starting from this version of the Mimer SQL Data Provider, the version number will match Mimer SQL server versions so that it is easier to match the two.
  2. Support for user defined types as provided in Mimer SQL Engine servers from version 10.1. These are specifically integrated with the MimerUserDefinedType class and MimerDataReader.GetUserDefinedType method. Two new meta data information types: "UserDefinedTypes" and "UserDefinedTypesAttributes" have been added to the MimerConnection.GetSchema method.
  3. Support for returning xml explain information via MimerCommand.GetExplainXmlText method when using Mimer SQL Experience servers. This is primarily intended for tools that wants to display a graphical representation of the execution plan for an SQL statement.
  4. New properties MimerError.ErrorLength and ErrorPosition that returns more specific information about SQL compilation errors.
  5. Performance data can be retrieved with a new function MimerConnection.GetPerformanceData.